Vital Brooklyn Initiative

Transforming Central Brooklyn

Vital Brooklyn Initiative

Vital Brooklyn

Vital Brooklyn is an ongoing community development program for underserved neighborhoods in Central Brooklyn.

Central Brooklyn is one of the most vulnerable areas in all of New York State, with measurably higher rates of obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure; limited access to healthy foods or opportunities for physical activity; high rates of violence and crime; wide economic disparities due to unemployment and high poverty levels; and inadequate access to high quality health care and mental health services.

Vital Brooklyn offers an holistic approach that focuses on eight integrated areas of improvement: open space and recreation; healthy food; education; economic empowerment; community-based violence prevention; community-based health care; affordable housing; and resiliency.

$1.4 Billion Vital Brooklyn Initiative

Phase Two Launched

A suite of RFPs and awards will help build 2,000 affordable homes; improve access to open space and healthy food; expand education and economic empowerment initiatives; and improve community-based violence prevention.

NYS Grants Management System

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Nonprofit organizations interested in Vital Brooklyn opportunities should ensure they are prequalified in New York State’s grant management system, Grants Gateway.

Vital Brooklyn Funding Breakdown

The $1.4 Billion Plan Invests in Eight Integrated Areas of Improvement

Community Reinvestment Goals

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