Shared Services Initiative

Shared Services Initiative

County-Wide Shared Services Initiative

Reducing Property Taxes and Lowering Costs of Local Government

The County-Wide Shared Services Initiative (CWSSI) generates property tax savings by enabling collaboration between local governments across the state.

The CWSSI expands on New York State’s ongoing commitment to reduce property taxes and modernize local government services by fostering new shared services and enhancing the existing collaborations already in place.

The Department of State offers several comprehensive programs to incentivize and aiding local government efficiencies.

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How It Works

The Chief Executive Official of each county, excluding NYC, will:

Establish a Shared Services Panel
The panel will include the mayor of each city or village and the supervisor of each town. A representative of a school district, board of cooperative education services, and/or special improvement district may be also invited to participate.
Develop a Property Tax Savings Plan
The panel will develop a County-Wide Shared Service Property Tax Savings Plan to identify, propose and implement new actions to save taxpayers money through shared, coordinated and more efficient services between local governments within the county.
Have Opportunity for State Match Funding
Plans that create actual and demonstrable savings across multiple jurisdictions may be eligible for a one-time match of the net savings resulting from new actions implemented pursuant to the Plan.

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