Salary History Ban

Closing the Gender Wage Gap

Salary History Ban

Leading the Way in the Fight for Equality

On January 6, 2020, a new salary history ban aimed at bringing New York one step closer to narrowing the gender wage gap takes effect. The new law prohibits all employers - both public and private - from asking prospective or current employees about their salary history and compensation. It also prohibits businesses from seeking similar information from other sources. For many women, if you start your career making a lower wage - often less than men working the same jobs - it’s hard to catch up.

New York state is committed to fairness for all workers. That is why, acting on recommendations from the New York State Gender Wage Gap report, the Governor introduced the bill and signed into law this new legislation aimed at breaking the cycle of unfair compensation and further closing the gender wage gap.

New York State is Committed to Fairness for All

Breaking the Cycle of Unfair Compensation

Learn how New York State is closing the gender pay gap
Learn how New York State is closing the gender pay gap

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