SAGE: Spending & Government Efficiency Commission

SAGE: Spending & Government Efficiency Commission

Improving the Efficiency and Accountability of State government

In 2011, then Governor Cuomo established the Spending and Government Efficiency Commission (SAGE), marking the beginning of the a full-scale effort to modernize and right-size New York State government. SAGE was responsible for coming up with ways to streamline every state agency, recommending structural and operational changes to make government perform better and at a lower cost. The SAGE Commission completed their work and released a final report in February 2013 identifying areas where the state can improve performance, increase accountability and save taxpayers' money. The plan, when fully implemented, saves New York more than $1.6 billion.


Final Report Highlights

Reorganize State Government
Provide common functions in a shared services model. Merge and consolidate major agencies and authorities. Create new mechanisms for coordinating critical interagency activities.
Reduce Costs & Improve Service
Transform the Information Technology department with new initiatives that improve customer service, streamline operations, control costs and increase overall workforce productivity.
Build a Culture of Performance and Accountability
Implement a statewide performance management system and an Open NY initiative to increase the transparency and accountability of government.