Safe Winter Driving


Safe Winter Driving


To ensure the safety of both motorists and snowplow operators, New York State aims to prevent crashes and fatalities by reminding drivers to give snowplow trucks plenty of room on the road.

During the winter of 2022-2023, the Department of Transportation plowed approximately 8.8 million miles of road. That’s like traveling around the Earth at the equator 353 times or traveling to the moon and back 18 times. Separately, the Thruway Authority plowed approximately 1.5 million lane miles spanning 570 miles statewide.

In addition to reminding motorists to slow down and stay safely behind snowplows, we are highlighting winter driving tips, giving tips about how to winterize your vehicle, and offering access to a travel advisory system that includes more than 1,000 live traffic cameras.

Don't Crowd the Plow

Safety in the Snow

Safe Winter Driving
Safe Winter Driving

Snowplow Safety

Learn the Facts and Stay Safe Around Snowplows

How Plows Operate

Remember: none of our practices are intended to slow you down. They are intended to maximize safety! Be patient and drive with caution.

Tow Plows

Tow plows attach to our plow trucks and, when combined with a traditional plow, give snowplow operators the ability to simultaneously salt and clear snow from two travel lanes at once.

Stay Informed


511NY is an important resource that allows travelers to know the current travel conditions in real time before heading out on a trip.

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