Restoring Fairness in New York's Criminal Justice System

TOP Restoring Fairness in New York's Criminal...

Overhauling New York's Criminal Justice System

Overhauling New York's Criminal Justice System

Governor Cuomo has advanced significant criminal justice reforms throughout his time in office - improving every stage of the criminal justice system from arrest to community re-entry - and 2018 will be no different.

For too long, our antiquated criminal justice system has created a two-tiered system where outcomes depend purely on economic status - undermining the bedrock principle that one is innocent until proven guilty.

This sweeping overhaul will transform our criminal justice system by removing critical barriers, reaffirming our beliefs in fairness, opportunity and dignity, and continue our historic progress toward a more equal society for all.

2018 Criminal Justice Reform Package

Showing the Nation the Way Forward

Reshaping Bail and Pretrial Detention

Governor Cuomo is proposing legislation that will eliminate monetary bail for people facing misdemeanor and non-violent felony charges.

Expanding the Discovery Process

Governor Cuomo proposes to expand the discovery process to include disclosure of information in a timely manner including evidence and information favorable to the defense.

Ending Cash Bail

Race and Wealth Should Not Be Factors In Our Justice System.

2018 Criminal Justice Reform Package

"Justice Too Long Delayed Is Justice Denied." - MLK, Jr.

Transforming Civil Asset Forfeiture

Governor Cuomo proposes to limit asset forfeiture proceedings to cases in which a conviction is obtained and enhance reporting requirements for local law enforcement and District Attorneys.

Improving the Re-Entry Process

Governor Cuomo proposes legislation to improve the re-entry process for individuals transitioning from incarceration to their communities.

Support for Gov. Cuomo's Criminal Justice Reform Package

Read the open letter by civil rights and criminal justice leaders endorsing Governor Cuomo's 2018 Agenda

Improving the Criminal Justice System

Learn about the progress New York has made in creating a stronger, fairer and more just system for all.