Pregnancy: Know Your Options, Get the Facts

Pregnancy: Know Your Options, Get the Facts

Connecting Women to Comprehensive Family Planning Services

Everyone is entitled to accurate and non-judgmental comprehensive family planning services without feeling pressured or shamed by the provider. Best clinical practice from over 35 expert professional organizations were combined to create national guidelines which outline standards of care for family planning providers. These guidelines, known as Providing Quality Family Planning Services, make it clear that you deserve all the information you need to decide if you are ready for pregnancy.

Reproductive Health Care Services

Not Pregnant?

A quality family provider will work with you to help you choose what services you need depending on if and when you want to be pregnant.

Get Care and Services from Quality Health Care Providers

Where You Get Care Matters

Quality providers will offer information about birth control, abortion, prenatal care, parenting and adoption without pressure or bias.
High-Standards of Care
Quality family providers will have high standards of care as required in the NYS Family Planning Program and provide the most up to date scientifically-proven reproductive health services available without making you feel pressured.
Licensed to Practice
Quality family planning providers will be licensed to provide services in NYS and be able to tell you what kind of license they have. Health care providers that are licensed to care for women and deliver family planning services include: