Paid Family Leave: Strong Families, Strong NY

TOP Paid Family Leave: Strong Families, Strong NY

Strong Families, Strong NY

New York Passes Nation’s Strongest Paid Family Leave Program

Working families should never have to choose between caring for their loved ones and keeping their paycheck.

Led by Governor Cuomo, New York’s recently passed 2016-17 State Budget includes a landmark paid family leave policy – the longest and most comprehensive in the nation – to help workers maintain financial stability while taking time to care for a family member.

When fully phased-in, employees will be eligible for 12 weeks of paid leave when caring for an infant, a family member with a serious health condition or to relieve family pressures when someone is called to active military service.

Establishing paid family leave marks a pivotal next step in the pursuit of equality and dignity in both the workplace and home.

New York Leads: Paid Family Leave

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AARP Endorses Paid Family Leave Proposal

AARP has urged its NYS members to call on the legislature to pass Governor Cuomo’s 12-week paid family leave proposal that will help NY’s family caregivers.

Paving the Way on Paid Family Leave

Employee-Funded Program

Paid leave will be funded entirely through a nominal payroll deduction on employees, so it costs businesses – both big and small – nothing. Employees are eligible for the program after having worked six months for their employer.

Family Matters

Bonding with a new child or caring for a seriously ill family member should not cost employees their entire savings or their job.

Program Timeline

Benefits will be phased-in beginning in 2018 at 50% of an employee’s average weekly wage and capped at 50% of the statewide average weekly wage. It will be fully implemented in 2021 at 67% average of an employee's average weekly wage, capped to 67% of the statewide average weekly wage.

Being There for Loved Ones

A Great Equalizer for Women

Paid family leave would greatly benefit working mothers who want to care for their child without having to sacrifice their career.

Elderly Care

The majority of elderly caregivers happen to be family members who work full-time in addition to caring for their loved ones making it difficult to find a balance.

2016 State of the State Address

Governor Cuomo introduced his proposal for paid family leave by first sharing a personal story about his father, the late New York Governor Mario Cuomo.

What People Are Saying

U.S. Vice President

Joe Biden

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It's simply the right thing to do...To help working families, we need to help them take the time off when they need it without having to choose between caring for their family and losing a paycheck.

Joe Biden

New York State Governor

Andrew Cuomo

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There are times in life when family comes first – like when a child is born, a loved one is sick, or a parent is dying – and I believe everyone deserves the right to be there in those times. The lack of paid family leave is a rampant economic injustice that runs against the grain of the American promise. It’s unacceptable that people are still forced to choose between caring for their families and keeping their jobs, and we’re going to change that in New York.

Andrew Cuomo

New York State Senator

Tim Kennedy

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Too many times, mothers are missing their baby’s first smile, or a son is missing his father’s last breath, because they’re terrified of missing a single paycheck. Through this paid family leave proposal, workers across industries will be supported - especially those making lower wages – and they will be able to rest easy knowing that they can care for their loved ones without jeopardizing their basic economic security.

Tim Kennedy

President of the New York State Conference of the NAACP

Hazel Dukes

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New York has always led the progressive causes – from women’s rights to civil rights to gay rights, we have led the movements and showed the nation that change was possible. The simple, unacceptable truth is that millions of Americans are forced to risk their basic economic security just to care for their families. Paid family leave will change that, and on behalf of the NAACP I am proud to join the Governor in standing up for New York’s working families.

Hazel Dukes

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See What Others Are Saying