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New York State is continuing to improve the FOIL process. State agencies and authorities are moving from the Open FOIL form and process to an improved FOIL processing application called GovQA. Until an agency/authority transitions to GovQA, you may continue to use the Open FOIL form to submit a FOIL request. Once a New York State agency has moved to the GovQA platform, it will no longer be found on Open FOIL.

Select the agency or authority you would like to submit a FOIL request to in the dropdown. All fields marked * are required for a successful submission.

You may also submit a FOIL request using the FOIL link on the respective agency’s website. All agencies and authorities websites can be found here: Open FOIL NY Resource Center or New York State All Agencies website. The FOIL link is typically located in the bottom footer of the agency’s website.

Additional Resources

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