The New York State Mentoring Program

The New York State Mentoring Program

Help make a real difference in a young person’s life and give them hope for the future.

Change a Life. Become a Mentor.

Change the Life of a Child - Become a Mentor

Matilda Cuomo describes the history and the value of the New York State Mentoring Program, a program that has the power to inspire children and change lives.

The New York State Mentoring Program

Why Mentor?
Children who succeed despite overwhelming personal, economic and social obstacles do so often because of a caring adult in their lives. Mentoring outcomes include greater participation in school, improved attendance, higher graduation and college admission rates, and better overall performance.
What We Do
The New York State Mentoring Program is the nation’s first school-based one-to-one mentoring program. This highly successful program screens and trains volunteers and matches them to children in their communities. The New York State Mentoring Program follows a research-based model of mentoring in which Mentors and Mentees meet one-to-one in a supervised environment at a set time and location. Mentors serve as our partners in schools, courts and the foster care system. This format not only allows for the volunteer mentors to properly manage their busy schedules, but also provides much needed consistency to the mentoring relationship.
How to Become a Mentor
Get involved by filling out the Mentoring Application or call us at 1-518-473-3652. After your application is received, an appointment will be made for you to interview with a mentoring program staff person. Once you are a trained Mentor, you will be matched with a Mentee at a nearby school or community site and contacted about a start date.

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How it Works

Learn how The New York State Mentoring Program works to pair Mentors from businesses with children in need around New York State.

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