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Rebuilding and Reimagining New York Infrastructure

The New New York

To grow New York's competitiveness in the 21st century global economy, New York State is building today for a better tomorrow with a $100 billion infrastructure plan to build the new New York. It is the largest infrastructure and development plan in the nation.

New York State is constructing a new Tappan Zee Bridge on time and on budget; a new LaGuardia Airport that's already underway; a 1.2 million square foot expansion of Javits Convention Center; a record $27 billion to strengthen roads and bridges Upstate; an unprecedented $29.5 billion MTA Capital Plan to expand capacity and reimagine the regional transportation system downstate; and so much more.

Under Governor Cuomo, New York State does not just talk about moving vital infrastructure projects forward, it actually gets them done.


An Aggressive Plan to Combat the Long-Term Crisis at Penn Station

The MTA Genius Transit Challenge

Immediate Plan for Short Term Crisis

The Penn Station Task Force will develop alternative transportation solutions to deal with Amtrak's summer service cuts.

Long Term Management Solution

The Task force will consider three options to turn Penn Station into a 21st century transit hub: New York State will take over Penn Station; The Port Authority will take over Penn Station; Amtrak uses private contractor.

Challenge MTA to Modernize NYC Subway System

The MTA Genius Transit Challenge is an international competition seeking groundbreaking and innovative solutions to increase the capacity and improve the reliability of NYC's subway service.

Making Progress, Not Just Plans

Jacob K. Javits Convention Center Expansion

Breaking ground in March 2017, the expanded center will generate $393M in annual economic activity, reduce traffic congestion, increase efficiency of operations to allow for new & expanded events. 

The New NY Bridge

Replacing the Tappan Zee Bridge

After more than a decade of discussion and delay, Governor Cuomo pushed the project forward in less than one year. Proof that the great state of New York can do amazing things is visible to anyone who sees the twin-span cable-stayed bridge now rising out of the Hudson between Westchester and Rockland counties.

Design-Build Construction Process

Championed in New York by Governor Cuomo, this process incentivizes the private sector to be creative on approaches that speed construction time and reduce cost, while the state also gets the assurance of cost certainty.

On Time, On Budget

The New NY Bridge reached a milestone in December 2016 with the topping off of the 8 main span towers. It is on track to open in 2018 and on budget at $3.98 billion.

Rebuilding & Modernizing Our Aging Rail Infrastructure

LIRR Expansion Project

Governor Cuomo's proposal will increase capacity of the commmuter railroad - built in the mid-19th century - while improving service, safety and quality of life for people on Long Island.

Rail Safety

New York State's rigorous inspection schedule helps ensure crude oil rail defects are found and corrected promptly, keeping safe those who live and work near these tracks.


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