FY 2020 New York State Budget

TOP FY 2020 New York State Budget

FY 2020 New York State Budget

Building upon the Governor’s 2019 Justice Agenda, the FY 2020 Enacted Budget delivers comprehensive provisions to ensure social and economic justice for all, protects New Yorkers against Washington’s continued federal rollbacks and assaults on the middle class, increases education funding, reforms the state’s criminal justice system, supports New York’s ongoing commitment to a strong women’s agenda, and prioritizes investments in infrastructure projects critical to meeting New York’s 21st century needs.

Historic 2020 New York State Budget

Here's What New York Got Done

This is the broadest, most sweeping state budget that we have done and for the ninth straight year it was both timely and fiscally responsible.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Fighting Back Against Washington's Assault

Property Taxes: Capped

The budget makes permanent the 2% property tax cap and continues the phase-in of middle class tax cuts.

FY 2020 Budget


Codifies ACA Provisions into Law

No matter what happens at the federal level, the codification of the Affordable Care Act and Health Exchange into state law will ensure these key provisions are protected.

MTA Reform and New Funding Stream

MTA Reforms

The budget requires the MTA to develop a reorganization plan by June, undergo an independent audit and efficiency review, establish a 30-day review notice for comptroller contract approval, among other reform measures.

New Dedicated Funding Streams

MTA funding now includes a Central Business District tolling program, a progressive mansion tax, and eliminates the internet tax advantage.

FY 2020 Budget


Prison Closure

Following unprecedented declines in the prison population, the Budget authorizes DOCCS to close up to three prisons on an expedited schedule. 

A Fairer Criminal Justice System

Reforms Bail and Arrest Procedure

Cash bail will be eliminated for misdemeanors and non-violent felonies, and police officers must issue desk appearance tickets to most people charged with misdemeanors and Class E felonies, rather than making a custodial arrest.

Ensures Right to a Speedy Trial

The Budget includes legislation that requires courts to increase accountability by reducing unnecessary delays and ensuring all parties are prepared for trial.

Transforms the Discovery Process

Both prosecutors and defendants must now share all information in their possession well in advance of trial; defendants will also be allowed to review whatever evidence is in the prosecution's possession prior to pleading guilty to a crime.

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