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To report worker exploitation, wage and workplace violations, call the Task Force hotline at 1-888-469-7365 or fill out this form.
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Protecting All Workers in New York State

Building on our groundbreaking initiative to protect nail salon workers, Governor Cuomo launched a first-of-its-kind statewide Task Force that will work to root out worker exploitation issues by identifying and halting illegal practices in multiple industries across New York State.

Comprising 10 state agencies, the Task Force works in partnership with an Advisory Committee and is charged with providing legislative, regulatory and administrative recommendations.

New York offers a promise that our arms and hearts are open to those who come here to work and build a better future for themselves.

Everyone deserves the full protection of the law regardless of immigration status. We will not tolerate worker exploitation, period.

first-of-its-kind Task Force

Watch video of Governor Cuomo announcing the multi-agency Task Force to protect workers from exploitation.

Exploited Workers Share Experiences

At the first Task Force meeting, video testimonials were presented that included the experiences of workers who were exploited in various industries across the state.

Investigating Worker Exploitation

About the Task Force

Governor Cuomo created the Exploited Workers Task Force with a mission to identify and eliminate worker exploitation throughout New York. 


The Exploited Workers Task Force will initially target 14 industries, including farming, childcare and home health care.

Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee members will examine and make recommendations on how to best tackle worker exploitation issues.

Protecting New York’s Workers

Partnering with Employers

We’re working with employers to foster fair and healthy working environments for their employees.


Nail Salon Safety

Get information on how to ensure that the rights of nail salon workers are protected. 

What People Are Saying

President & CEO, Partnership for NYC

Kathryn Wylde

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“Governor Cuomo’s commitment to address conditions of worker exploitation are important to New York’s employers, most of whom are committed to responsible treatment of workers. This task force offers an opportunity for the business community to help the Governor ensure that the laws, regulations and enforcement mechanisms are in place to prevent abuse of workers.”

Kathryn Wylde

President, New York City Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO

Vincent Alvarez

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"Today's announcement is a move to protect the rights and improve livelihoods of a segment of our workforce that is too often exploited. The creation of this task force sends a clear message that we will not tolerate worker mistreatment on any level. This is an example of the historic change that can be created through productive partnerships between the labor movement and government."

Vincent Alvarez

President, Building and Construction Trades Council of Greater New York President

Gary Labarbera

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“For generations, the plight of abused workers went unnoticed – but no longer. Alongside Governor Cuomo and his new task force, we are giving a voice to those exploited workers and taking important steps to regulate industries that have for too long flown under the radar. The creation of this task force gives countless works hope for a brighter future, without unfair and inhumane business practices.”

Gary Labarbera

Co-Executive Director, Make the Road

Javier Valdes

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“Every worker should be treated with respect and dignity – which is why Governor Cuomo’s new task force is so important. By investigating cases of worker abuse and exploitation, the state can better crack down on businesses that take advantage of their employees. This will lead to a safer and better work environment, just as the new laws that the Governor signed today will do for nail salon workers, and we are proud to stand with the Governor in defending New York’s workers.”

Javier Valdes

See What Others Are Saying

See What Others Are Saying