Clean Water, Clean Air and Green Jobs Environmental Bond Act

Investing $4.2 Billion in New York's Environment and Communities

Clean Water, Clean Air and Green Jobs Environmental Bond Act

Environmental Bond Act Educational Listening Tour

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The statewide educational listening tour provides information on once-in-generation funding opportunities for the public and potential stakeholders.

So far, the listening tour has planned stops in Buffalo, Cortland, Saranac Lake, Albany, White Plains and Brentwood.

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Environmental Bond Act Overview

On November 8, 2022, New Yorkers overwhelmingly approved a ballot proposition to make $4.2 billion available for environmental and community projects. State agencies, local governments, and partners can access funding to protect water quality, help communities adapt to climate change, improve resiliency and create green jobs.

Bond Act Funding will support new and expanded projects across the State to safeguard drinking water sources, reduce pollution, and protect communities and natural resources from climate change.

Program Priorities

Job Creation

Bond Act investments will promote job creation by supporting an estimated 84,000 jobs and include significant labor provisions.

By the Numbers

Funding Categories

Funding will go towards climate change mitigation, flood risk reduction, water quality improvement, and open space land conservation.

Next Steps

Identifying Priority Projects
Governor Hochul directed an inter-agency working group to begin identifying needs for environmental funding across the State. The group will develop program logistics, including how projects will be selected and how funds will be delivered, through a transparent and collaborative process.
Educational Listening Tour
New York State has launched a statewide educational listening tour to engage with communities. It offers the opportunity to discuss what the Bond Act will fund, as well as provide communities an opportunity to weigh in on draft criteria developed to identify potential projects. Register here:
Ensuring Transparency
As Bond Act funds are distributed, the State will work with stakeholders to ensure a transparent process that enables New Yorkers to see what is funded. 


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