Citizen Public Health Training Program

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Citizen Public Health Training Program

Citizen Public Health Training

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that America was not prepared for a public health crisis. But when New York was ambushed by the virus, we rose to the occasion, supported each other, and bent the curve. Information - listening to the scientists and following the facts - has been a key weapon in our battle to defeat COVID.

To continue to empower New Yorkers, we are launching a new Citizen Public Health Training where you will learn from top experts from Cornell on preventing and responding to public health emergencies. This innovative course will help New Yorkers support themselves, their families, and their communities. You will become a leader of health and preparedness in your community.

We are calling on New Yorkers in every neighborhood and community in the state to become trained Public Health Leaders. As a New York State Public Health Leader, you will better understand the coronavirus and other public health issues facing our communities and will gain the tools to understand the facts and be a trusted source of information and support in your community.

New York's greatest asset is its people. Together, we can defeat COVID; prepare for the public health emergencies of the future; and build a more resilient, healthy, and loving New York.

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