America's Microchip Resurgence

New York is Poised to Take the Lead

America's Microchip Resurgence

A New Era for New York

Fueling America’s Microchip Resurgence

The CHIPS Act presents the most significant opportunity in modern history for the U.S. to re-emerge as a global leader in microelectronics R&D, workforce education and training, and supply chain transformation by establishing a National Semiconductor Technology Center (NSTC) and building new domestic manufacturing facilities.

New York is home to the infrastructure, resources, expertise, and workforce to lead the effort starting on day one.

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Leading America's Microchip Resurgence
Leading America's Microchip Resurgence

Attracting Transformational Partnerships

New York State's Green CHIPS Program

With up to $10 billion in economic incentives for environmentally friendly “Green CHIPS” semiconductor manufacturing and supply chain projects—alongside a host of shovel-ready sites, cutting-edge R&D infrastructure and a talented workforce—New York State offers the semiconductor industry the nation’s most compelling advantages for doing business here.

New York's Semiconductor Industry

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Nation-Leading Infrastructure

The Albany NanoTech Complex is the most advanced, publicly-owned 300mm semiconductor R&D facility in the United States. And it is ready to expand.

In addition, New York State has four more shovel-ready sites for new fabs with developed infrastructure and plentiful power, water and sewer capacity.

A Leader in Technology and Innovation

New York State has been the leader in computing design, development, and manufacturing since the opening of IBM's Watson Computing Laboratory in 1945 in New York City,

Today we are home to some of the most remarkable microelectronic R&D taking place anywhere in the world, including global industry leaders like GlobalFoundries, Wolfspeed, onsemi, and IBM. New York has the most comprehensive higher education system in the country - the State University of New York - as well as two Ivy League universities and a vast network of public and private institutions that have ensured we can get to work the moment USICA becomes law.

Roadmap to the National Semiconductor Technology Center

Home of Global Industry Leaders

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