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New York Pledges to Protect the Integrity of the Census

The U.S. Constitution requires a count of the nation’s population — or census — every ten years to determine the number of congressional representatives for each state. The government also uses census data to distribute an estimated $600 billion dollars in federal funding annually.

It's critical that every New Yorker is counted to ensure our fair share of federal funds for programs essential to health care, education, housing, economic development and transportation, and to strengthen our political representation in Washington.

The United States Census Bureau recently announced plans to add a question about citizenship status to the survey for the first time since 1950, which could undermine tested, science-based efforts to achieve an accurate count. To protect the integrity of the census, New York State has joined several states in litigation to reverse this decision and ensure everyone — without regard to status — is counted.

To accomplish this, we need to work together — local governments, community agencies, and you, the people of the great state of New York — to make sure every New Yorker is counted in 2020.

What You Need to Know

Local Governments

Get ready to count. Find resources on where to receive training and technical assistance, and how to build community partnerships to ensure accuracy. 

Community Partners

Help make Census 2020 successful. Nonprofits & community organizations can partner with their local government to encourage responses and promote the census. Get involved today.

General Public

All census information gathered is confidential. Data is used to determine where funding for housing, health care & education is spent. Learn how the census impacts you and your community.



State and local governments will verify addresses to ensure accurate mailing of census surveys. Community leaders will begin planning outreach to targeted communities to raise awareness of census.


State and local leaders will establish complete count committees - community partnerships for outreach to “hard-to-count” populations. Communications and local organizing plans will launch to prepare for the 2020 count.


Public outreach and media campaigns will encourage people to respond to census surveys. Census staff will be mobilized for direct outreach in areas with low response rates. In December 2020, the final census results will be delivered to Congress.

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