2019 State of the State & Budget Address

The Time Is Now

TOP 2019 State of the State & Budget Address

2019 Justice Agenda

The Governor’s 2019 Justice Agenda ensures the promise of full, true justice for all. While the federal government’s dysfunction and shutdown persists, the Governor is leading the way forward.

The Justice Agenda protects New Yorkers from Washington's devastating federal attacks, strengthens the middle class, safeguards the environment, improves the health of our communities and invests in our infrastructure for the 21st century.

For the ninth consecutive year, the Budget is balanced and holds spending growth below two percent.

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Let's Make History in 2019

Restoring Fairness, Progress and Pride

Fighting to repeal SALT

Governor Cuomo will continue to lead the fight to repeal the cap on SALT, while continuing tax cuts for middle class families. 

Codify Reproductive Rights

Governor Cuomo will fight to pass the Reproductive Health Act and the Comprehensive Contraceptive Coverage Act within the first 30 days of the new session.

New York rejects divide and conquer and we believe in unify and grow.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Social, Economic, and Racial Justice

Advance Criminal Justice for All

Governor Cuomo proposes to end the injutsice in our criminal justice system by ending cash bail, improving the transparency discovery process, ensuring right to a speedy trial.

Pass the Dream Act

New York is standing up for our immigrant communities. We will pass the Dream Act once and for all to ensure a higher education system that provides opportunity to all children.

2019 Justice Agenda

Ensuring the Promise of Full, True Justice for All

Making a Real Difference in People’s Lives

Launch the Green New Deal

The Green New Deal will make New York's electricity 100% carbon neutral by 2040 and put the state on the path to eliminating its carbon footprint. 

As Presented by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

FY 2020 Executive Budget

True Justice For All

Ensure a Quality Education for All

The budget would require districts to distribute state aid in a more equitable manner, increase education aid by $1 billion, expand universal pre-k, and protect student loan borrowers.

Improve Our Democracy

While the federal government works to disenfranchise voters, Governor Cuomo will encourage citizens to engage in the democratic process. 

Combat Gun Violence

Governor Cuomo will push to pass the Red Flag Law, ban bump stocks and extend the waiting period for purchasing a gun from three days to 10 days.

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