2019 Budget

TOP 2019 Budget

A Bold Blueprint for Progressive Action

The FY 2019 Budget is a bold blueprint for progressive action that builds on seven years of success and helps New York continue to lead amid a concerted and sustained assault from Washington on our values and principles.

For the eighth consecutive year, the Budget is balanced and holds spending growth to 2 percent or less.

The Budget builds on the state's record of delivering for New Yorkers by making the highest ever investment in K-12 education, enacting a nation-leading women's agenda, advancing 21st century transportation solutions, protecting taxpayers against federal tax changes, strengthening the middle class, and making strategic investments in New York's future to drive growth and create opportunity for all.

With this budget, the state charts a path forward toward a better future for all New Yorkers.

Here's What New York Got Done

Protecting New Yorkers from Federal Tax Changes

New York is Fighting Back Against the Federal Tax Plan

Charitable Contributions to Benefit New Yorkers

The Budget creates two new state-operated Charitable Contribution Funds to accept donations for the purposes of improving health care and education in New York. Taxpayers who itemize deductions may claim these charitable contributions as deductions on their Federal and State tax returns.

Alternative Employer Compensation Expense Program

While Federal tax reform eliminated full State and local tax deductibility for individuals, businesses were spared from these limitations. Under the FY 2019 Budget employers would be able to opt-in to a new ECEP structure.

Decouples from Federal Tax Code

The Budget decouples the state tax code from the federal tax code, where necessary, to avoid more than $1.5 billion in State tax increases brought solely by increases in federal taxes.

Investing in Our Future

New York's Strong Commitment to Education Equity

Advancing the Women's Agenda

When Women Succeed, New York Succeeds

Combat Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

The Budget includes nation-leading multi-pronged legislation to combat sexual harassment in the workplace, including prohibiting employers from using a mandatory arbitration provision in an employment contract.

End Sextortion

Existing penalties will increase for compelling another person to engage in sexual conduct by threatening their health, safety, business, career, financial condition, reputation or personal relationships.

Extend the Storage Timeline for Rape Kits

The length of time sexual offense evidence collection kits are preserved will be extended from 30 days to 20 years, delivering justice to survivors.

FY 2019 Budget


Empowering NYCHA Tenants

A $250 million investment will improve the quality of living conditions for NYCHA residents and provide a process by which the proper deployment of capital funding can be verified.

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