2018 Women's Opportunity Agenda for New York

Equal Rights, Equal Opportunity

TOP 2018 Women's Opportunity Agenda for New York

Women's Opportunity Agenda

New York has a long and proud legacy of leading the way to advance women’s rights. From the birth of the women’s rights movement at Seneca Falls to the recent passage of the most comprehensive Paid Family Leave policy in the nation, New York continues to champion women’s rights and break down barriers to equality.

Members of Governor Cuomo’s administration crisscrossed the State to hear the concerns of New York women on issues such as the gender wage gap, sexual harassment in the workplace, and lack of educational programs to encourage interest in computer science and engineering.

While the federal government seeks to roll back women’s rights, New York State looks toward the future. With these bold set of proposals, the 2018 Agenda will create opportunity for women to succeed in every area: work, health, safety, education and family life.

2018 Outlook

Report on the Status of New York Women and Girls

This report reflects the feedback, voices and opinions of women all over the state.

Women's Opportunity Agenda Proposals

When Women Succeed, New York Succeeds


Proposals include codifying Roe v. Wade into state law and establishing the maternity mortality review board.


Proposals include removing firearms from domestic abusers and passing the equal rights amendment.


Proposals include closing the gender wage gap and combating sexual harassment in the workplace.

Women's Opportunity Agenda Proposals

Advance Equality, Promote Opportunity


Proposals include giving access to computer science and engineering and creating the “Be Aware-Be Informed” learning module.


Proposals include ensuring equal access to diaper changing stations in public restrooms and establishing the Child Care Availability Task Force.

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