2018 State of the State Address

Realizing the Promise of Progressive Government

TOP 2018 State of the State Address

The 2018 Agenda

Governor Cuomo's far-reaching 2018 agenda delivers on the promise of progressive government by advancing a slate of critical social and economic policies to improve the lives of New Yorkers.

The bold agenda will increase opportunity for New Yorkers and ensure the Empire State continues to serve as a beacon of equality, unity and fairness for the nation.

New York will continue to lead the way in 2018, fostering our shared values of opportunity, equality, fairness, and hope, and proving the competency of our progressive government.

New York believes that there is no future built through division – but only through unity

Serving as a Beacon of Progress, Unity and Fairness for the Nation

Advancing the Democracy Agenda

These comprehensive reforms will mandate transparency in political advertising and require online platforms to maintain an archive of political ads.

Building a Stronger, Safer New York

The Governor's public safety package forms the strongest counter terrorism program in the nation & develops a school safety response system.

Let's Continue to Lead the Way

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Focusing on New Problems

Presented by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

FY 2019 Executive Budget

Fostering shared values of opportunity, equality, fairness, and hope

Criminal Justice for All

NY will continue to improve the criminal justice system with new initiatives that will result in the nation's most progressive criminal justice reforms.

Expanding Pre-K in High-Need Schools

The State will invest an additional $15 million to continue to expand pre-kindergarten for three and four-year-old's in high-need schools statewide. 

2018 State of the State Address

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