2017 State of the State

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Let's build a stronger, better New York that truly lives up to its motto: Excelsior

The "New York Promise" Agenda

"We Are All Immigrants" Initiative

We support the success of immigrants in New York. Immigrants are at the heart of our state's rich civic and social diversity. Hate crimes and discrimination will not be tolerated.

Eliminating the Wage Gap

Two executive orders will strengthen equal pay protections by prohibiting all state entities from evaluating candidates based on prior salary or asking prospective employees their wage history.

The Middle Class Recovery Act

Tuition-Free College

We're taking on the student loan debt crisis with our first-in-the-nation Excelsior Scholarship - a program that will give thousands of New Yorkers access to higher education.

Expanding After-School Programs

Our pilot program will create 22,000 new after-school slots in high-need areas - the highest number in state history - focusing on kids who do not have a safe & supportive place to go after school.

Lowering Property Taxes & Reducing the Cost of Government

Giving Taxpayers a Choice and a Voice

Eliminate Duplicative and Inefficient Services

Country officials are charged with preparing a plan for shared, coordinated and efficient services among the units of local governments contained within the county, excluding school districts.

Engage with the Community

County officials will get public input through public hearings and engaging with the community, business, labor and civic leaders and reach consensus on the plans.

Taxpayers Get to Vote on the Plan

Draft plans will be submitted to the county legislative body and voters of the county will then vote on the plan in the general election of November 2017.

2017 State of the State Proposals

Buy American

This proposal will implement the nation’s strongest mandate for the purchase of American-made products by state entities for any procurement over $100,000.

Putting New Yorkers First

Modernizing the Voting System

The "Democracy Project" will allow for early voting & same day registration which will increase accuracy, streamline the registration process and remove unnecessary barriers preventing citizens from voting.

Protecting Our Drinking Water

The $2B Clean Water Infrastructure Act will upgrade aging drinking water and waterwaste infrastructure, preserving New York’s natural resources and enhancing community health and wellness.

Investing in Life Sciences

To foster idea generation and breakthrough innovations in the life sciences, lets invest $650M to spur the growth of a new, world-class research cluster in New York.

Bringing Transportation into the 21st Century

Enabling Access to Ridesharing Statewide

For the General Public

We will set consumer protections to ensure passengers receive driver identification, details of the car, and estimated fare, prior to engaging in a ride. We will apply anti-discrimination requirements and create a task force to make recommendations regarding accessibility needs in the rideshare industry.

For the Driver

Require companies and drivers to have insurance coverages that are double the current auto insurance limits in upstate New York and have a limit of at least one million dollars of coverage while a vehicle is on the way to pick up a passenger and while transporting a passenger.

Safety & Oversight

Establish standards for companies to vet their drivers and mandate rideshare companies adopt a zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy to ensure drivers are performing in the safest way possible for both drivers and riders.

Building a Stronger New York

Transforming JFK Airport

We’re bringing JFK International Airport into the 21st century with plans to equip the airport to handle the economic demands of the next century and create a unified, world-class airport. 

Buffalo Billion Phase II

The $500 million expansion will focus on ensuring that all Western NY'ers have an improved quality of life and a role to play in the new Buffalo. 

Investing in Our Future

The Empire State Trail

The 750-mile trail will provide new opportunities for hiking and biking along scenic vistas and through charming, historic communities.

Offshore Wind Energy Plan

The master plan includes a 90 megawatt project 30 miles off Montauk, and commits to developing up to 2.4 gigawatts of offshore wind power by 2030. 

2017 State of the State