2015 Opportunity Agenda

TOP 2015 Opportunity Agenda

Opportunity Agenda

Watch Governor Cuomo's 2015 Opportunity Agenda presentation designed to restore economic opportunity, create the best education system in the nation, and restore the public’s confidence and trust in our justice system.

2015 Opportunity Agenda Presentation

We must continue to create jobs

State of Economic Opportunity

Building a New NY

A six-point plan that outlines Governor Cuomo's vision to strengthen and modernize New York’s infrastructure.

Property Tax Relief

 A $1.66 billion property tax credit program that gives relief to homeowners and renters who need it most.

America has always promised the opportunity to have a better life

Opportunity for All

Student Loan Relief

A new Get On Your Feet student loan forgiveness program will provide relief to college graduates with high debt.

Office of Faith-Based Services

Nonprofits like faith-based community organizations are often the most trusted providers of direct social services.  We will establish a targeted and comprehensive community development program in areas with the highest poverty.

Education is the passport to economic opportunity

Education: The Great Equalizer

Open Budget

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Government must continue to address emerging threats and crises

Public Safety


As the nature of the terror threats facing New York evolves, we must make sure that our efforts and resources similarly evolve to meet those threats.

Training the Next Generation

This year we'll be opening the nation's first College of Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security and Cybersecurity.

Local Government Coordination

We will be training all local governments in state-of-the-art emergency response techniques over the next year.

A More Just New York

Fairness for All

Raise the Age

New York is one of only two states to draw a bright line for adult criminal responsibility at age 16, no matter the offense.  Let's raise the age of criminal responsibility, and remove minors from adult jails and prisions.

Women's Equality

Women are still not treated equally to men in society.  We must pass the full 10-point Women's Equality Act.