Updates from the New York State COVID-19 Technology SWAT Teams

TOP Updates from the New York State COVID-19 Technology SWAT Teams
Microsoft: COVID-19 Self-Screening and Test Scheduling Platform and COVID-19 Serologic Antibody Testing Platform

The New York State Office of Information Technology Services (ITS) outlined a new self-screening and test scheduling platform developed with support from Microsoft that has allowed individuals throughout the state to assess various symptoms and risk factors associated with COVID-19 to better determine whether or not they need a medical test for the virus. The platform has expanded to deliver serologic antibody testing and has been used by more than 400K New Yorkers to diagnose COVID-19 symptoms and schedule tests.

Apple: COVID-19 Self-Screening Application and Data Sharing Agreement

New York State has worked closely with Apple to fight COVID-19 by making New York specific information on the virus available to New York users through Appleā€™s COVID-19 screening website and app, New York is also working with Apple on a data sharing process that leverages the application's insights to inform th COVID-19 recovery effort.

HPE: Support COVID-19 End User Services and Activities

New York State's Office of Information Technology Services (ITS) has embedded full-time volunteers from HPE into its end user services team to support expanding the state's virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) capacity. As many state employees work from home and field teams continue to support COVID-19 testing sites, VDI optimization activities are helping to maximize system efficiency and performance for employees across the state.

Unisys: Expanded Processing Capacity for COVID-19 Response Activities

New York State Office of Information Technology Services (ITS) collaborated with Unisys to deploy additional Dorado systems processing capacity for critical benefits and service administration. This deployment will been helpful in managing spikes in processing demand on critical state services and social safety net programs.

LinkedIn: Recruiting Healthcare Professionals for COVID-19 Response

New York State collaborated with LinkedIn by referring its Recruiting for Good to the New York State hospital associations to help fill critical frontline jobs at high-need hospitals.

Google: $7M in Digital Advertising Grants & Messaging Optimization

New York State's Digital & Communications teams collaborated with Google to utilize $7M in digital advertising grants to deliver timely, targeted, and accurate COVID-19 information to New Yorkers across Google products and platforms. Google also analyzed advertising data to advise on best practices that improved messaging and overall reach at greater cost efficiency.

Accenture: Labor Website Content Optimization

New York State's Digital Team collaborated with Accenture to review and reimagine the content architecture of the Department of Labor's core website and services in the wake of major spikes in website usage during COVID-19. The team led design and user sessions, card sorting, and other exercises to develop a new content strategy that will be implemented going forward.

Cisco: Network Equipment Donation

New York State Office of Information Technology Services (ITS) worked with Cisco to receive and deploy critical networking systems and access point devices to support critical COVID-19 field operations. Because of the speed required and the uncertainty of device deployment locations and size, the donation of the equipment will prove critical in the state's ability to respond in a timely manner and with appropriate technology as new emergency and COVID-19 testing sites are launched and serviced.