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The New York State Council on Women and Girls membership is comprised of the heads of each State agency, ensuring that Commissioners incorporate the rights of women and girls into each program created and policy enacted. The Council is housed in the Executive Chamber of the Office of the Governor, emphasizing the centrality of its work to the overall goals of the Cuomo administration.

A Steering Committee representing women from academia, business, media, and non-profit/advocacy work will advise the Council and serve to elevate issues and concerns. The Steering Committee will meet with and advise agency heads, bringing together private sector experience with government action.

Members on the Council include:

Areas of Impact
Areas of Impact

Education: Increasing educational opportunities and outcomes for women and girls in New York.

Economic Opportunity: Working to help bring New York women and girls out of poverty and provide opportunities for success.

Workforce Equity: Advancing women’s equality in the workplace through equitable policies and increasing women’s entrepreneurship.

Leadership: Increasing women’s representation in top leadership positions in the public, private, and non-profit sectors.

Health Care: Ensuring equitable, affordable health care and securing reproductive justice.

Child Care: Ensuring access to safe affordable care

Safety: Fighting and preventing violence against women and girls in all forms that it takes.

STEM: Leading the way for women and girls to study and enter the STEM fields.

Intersectionality: Advancing a women and girls agenda that takes into account the intersectional experiences of women—including race, color, religion, age, ethnicity, national origin, immigration status, disability, sexual orientation, and gender identity.