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May 8, 2015, The New York Times: Perfect Nails, Poisoned Workers

May 7, 2015, The New York Times: The Price of Nice Nails

May 11, 2015, The New York Times: Cuomo Orders Emergency Measures to Protect Workers at Nail Salons

What People Are Saying
What People Are Saying

Rachel Spector, Environmental Justice Attorney, New York Lawyers for the Public Interest 

“New York Lawyers for the Public Interest praises Governor Cuomo for his swift and important actions to raise employment standards in the nail salon industry, reduce workers' exposure to harmful chemicals, and ensure safe and healthy workplaces. We look forward to working with the Governor on these important initiatives.”


Luna Ranjit, Co-founder & Executive Director, Adhikaar

“Adhikaar applauds the Governor for moving to address egregious conditions that exist in the nail salon industry. In particular, we are excited by his efforts to improve access to licenses and to create an apprenticeship program, efforts that will help protect vulnerable workers and provide better job opportunities.”


Haeyoung Yoon, Deputy Program Director, National Employment Law Project

“We applaud Governor Cuomo for moving swiftly to tackle widespread wage theft in the nail salon industry by taking important steps to protect and enforce workers' rights, to make it easier for workers to collect unpaid wages, and to work with the business community to promote their compliance with the law.”


Charlene Obernauer, Executive Director, New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health

“NYCOSH applauds the Governor for moving forward groundbreaking new regulations to create healthy nail salons in New York. Ventilation systems are critical to reducing levels of toxic exposure in nail salons, both for workers and consumers; and personal protective equipment like gloves and respirators are essential protection for nail salon workers.”


Miriam Yeung, Executive Director, National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum

“The National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum commends Governor Cuomo for issuing the strongest safety and wage theft protections for nail salon workers in the country, for taking a variety of steps to expand access to licensing exams and safety and labor rights information — especially for making exams and information accessible to the Nepali, Tibetan and Vietnamese communities — and for partnering with community groups to facilitate outreach and education to both salon owners and workers about new regulations and workers’ rights. We look forward to continuing to work with the Governor, workers, owners and consumers to transform nail salons in New York into safe places that provide good jobs for workers — the majority of whom are Asian immigrant women.”


Grace Shim, Executive Director, MinKwon Center for Community Action

"Now is the moment for all us to come together to directly address a crisis that affects the whole community. We must involve employers, workers, and customers alike to develop long-term, multi-pronged, comprehensive strategies that both protect vulnerable, immigrant workers and support struggling, immigrant small-business owners. We are happy to partner with the Governor's office to hold this 'community forum' which affords New Yorkers an opportunity to hear from the Governor's office and to share any questions and concerns they may have. We encourage everyone in the community to attend."


Quenia Abreu, President & CEO, The New York Women's Chamber of Commerce

“We are proud to be partnering with Governor Cuomo to help educate nail salon owners to ensure they are in compliance with regulations and the law. Improvements in the nail salon industry translate directly to improvements for women and minorities, which is a key part of our mission.”


Charito Cisneros, founder, Hispanic Cosmetology and Beauty Chamber of Commerce

“I applaud Governor Cuomo for his leadership in ensuring that all nail salon workers are properly trained and licensed, which will improve our industry as a whole. I look forward to working with the State in expanding our efforts to help nail salon workers and their employers.”