February 24, 2012: Transcript of Deputy Secretary for Civil Rights Alphonso B. David

TOP February 24, 2012: Transcript of Deputy Secretary for Civil Rights Alphonso B. David
Read the transcript from the live web chat on February 24, 2012 with Deputy Secretary for Civil Rights Alphonso David on the NY Youth Works Program.
NY Youth Works is a statewide program to combat the unacceptably high unemployment rates among inner city youth in communities across New York. The new program includes $25 million in tax credits for businesses that hire unemployed and disadvantaged youth and $62 million to support job training programs.
Alphonso David said:
Hello. My name is Alphonso David and I am the Deputy Secretary for Civil Rights for Governor Cuomo. I’m pleased to be live with you today on this web chat to discuss the New York Youth Works program, located at http://www.jobs.ny.gov/youthworks Governor Andrew Cuomo created the program to combat the unacceptably high unemployment rates among youth in communities across New York. The new program includes $25 million in tax credits for businesses that hire unemployed and disadvantaged youth and $62 million to support job training programs. We hope to reach employers, youth and parents today. With that, let’s get started.
Question from Jeff in Buffalo:
In addition to private sector businesses, can a youth be placed at a not-for-profit agency that is using Federal or State subsidies to hire youth?
Alphonso David said:
Yes. Youth can be placed with a not-for-profit and would be eligible for benefits associated with program participation. Please note that not-for-profits would not be eligible for the tax credit.
Question from Rose in Binghamton/Broome:
NYS youth are amazing! But, many don't get jobs because of the lack of experience. So many organizations need the support of youth for the delivery of services for not for profit services. Can there be implemented a Youth Community Service program like Americorps? Or could a database be initiated for youth available to not for profits for training?
Alphonso David said:
New York State recognizes the value of programs like Americorps and supports youth participating in their programs but this program is not designed for such a program Regarding the database, all certified youth are being tracked through a state-wide database. The state is not only looking to link youth to jobs, but also to link youth to job training programs to develop skills for continued and future employment.
Question from Julia in Brooklyn, NY:
Will the program provide access to job training for the thousands of undocumented youth in the state, most of whom fit the target population of "disadvantaged youth"? Also, will the program provide incentives for employers to hire youth who have criminal records, but who have gotten their lives back on track?
Alphonso David said:
Thanks for your questions. First, to participate in the New York Youth Works Program, youth must obtain certification from the New York State Department of Labor by filling out a short two-page document. Please note, however, that the application for certification requires youth to provide a social security number, which is required for employment under both federal and state laws. Also, the program is tailored to address the employment needs of “at risk” youth including, but not limited to, youth who were formerly incarcerated or youth who are on probation or parole. Businesses that hire “at risk” certified youth are eligible to receive tax credits. The program is tailored to identify opportunities for disadvantaged youth and help them succeed in the workplace. We certainly hope they participate in this program.
Question from Elizabeth in Ithaca:
Hello Mr. Deputy Secretary, Thank you for being available for questions. Could you please talk about how the job training programs are preparing youth to participate in new industries and technologies, like renewable energy? Thank you!
Alphonso David said:
Training providers are expected to deliver work readiness and occupational skills training to youth participants. All training providers must first apply and be approved by the New York State Department of Labor. Labor market analysts will ensure that the trainings are tailored to occupations that are in demand for a given region, or support regional growth plans established by the area’s Regional Economic Development Council. Examples include clean energy, healthcare, advanced manufacturing and conservation.
Question from Diane in Blossvale:
why is it we worry more about the inner city youth? this is a smal community but we have disadvatage youth here to but I see nothing being done to support our youth. maybe apprentice jobs would be the answer. there are way to many kids in the rural area that don't get the advantages like in the cities. its also transportation that would be a problem for them here. so these are somethings that need to be looked at for our kids.
Alphonso David said:
Thanks for your question. Although this program is tailored to assist youth in the areas most affected by youth unemployment, there are a variety of services available to youth in both rural and urban areas throughout the state. The Jobs Express website, which can be accessed anywhere through the internet at http://www.labor.ny.gov/jobs/regional.shtm, lists jobs that are available in each region and by industry. I encourage all jobs seekers, whether an adult or youth, to explore opportunities listed on the website. Further, the Department of Labor maintains one-stop job centers throughout the state where individuals can visit to learn about jobs and obtain services to assist them in obtaining jobs.
Question from Mary in Albany:
What will be the timeframe from submission to whether grant funding will be awarded?
Alphonso David said:
The timeframe for submission of the grant to an award is approximately 2-3 weeks.
Question from GEORGE in Astoria, Queens:
Good Afternoon, Is there a minimum/maximum amount of youth to be served by each proposer? Is there a range for cost per participant? I searched the job database and there are no eligible jobs yet for this program in Queens County, are we the proposer supposed to also develop the work site? Can you break down the funding? i believe that 25% of the contract is start up and what percent ios line item and what percent is milestone/performace bqsed? Thanks for your time and assistance.
Alphonso David said:
No. There is no minimum or maximum number of youth to be served by each proposer/applicant. However, depending on the grant for which you are applying and the number of youth you have under each of the various activities, the funding limitations may vary.
Alphonso David said:
The costs associated with each participate will depend on the level of services provided and the milestone payments set by the program. For example, a work-ready youth who is placed prior to July 1, 2012 would have a cost to the grant of $700 ($400 for the placement payment and $300 for the post-placement stipend). A youth who needs training, attains the National Work Readiness Credential (NWRC), and is placed prior to July 1, 2012 would have a cost to the grant of $2,200 ($700 for work readiness and occupational skill training, $600 for training stipends to the youth, $200 for NWRC attainment, $400 for the placement payment and $300 for the post-placement stipend to the youth).
Alphonso David said:
The job database will begin to reflect New York Youth Works job opportunities as soon as the initial group of businesses are certified, which we anticipate will be very soon. The proposer/applicant is not required or expected to develop worksites. However, a proposer/applicant can identify businesses that the proposer/applicant regularly works with. We encourage all businesses in the affected regions to apply to for certification, to hire certified youth and avail themselves of the tax credits.
Alphonso David said:
The funding is as follows:
  • Work readiness/occupational skill training (up to eight weeks) – $700 per participant.
  • National Work Readiness Credential (NWRC) – $200 for each participant who receives an NWRC during or upon completion of training. 
  • Job placement with a certified business, as follows –
  • $400 for placement of a certified youth with a certified business during the timeframe of January 1, 2012 through July 1, 2012.
  • $200 for placement of a certified youth with a certified business after July 1, 2012.
  • Stipends – Certified youth are eligible to receive up to $900 in stipends to cover the costs of transitioning into training and/or the workplace (e.g., daycare, clothing and transportation).
  • A $300 monthly stipend for up to two (2) months ($600 maximum) during the training period. The first stipend payment upon enrolling in the program cannot exceed $150.
  • A $300 stipend once placed into employment with a certified business.
Please note that “up to 25% advance” is available to not-for-profits as an advance on these milestones. It is not intended for, nor can it be spent on, any other activities or materials. All of the costs for these grants are milestone-/performance-based.
Question from Ben in Kings Park:
Will the program include the training necessary to learn computer programming and computer hardware support? (Many small businesses need these types of "trades" to enable local area networks and business software applications, whether they are full time employees or contractors.)
Alphonso David said:
The needs of small businesses are vital to the success of New York’s economy. We are hopeful that the Request for Proposals and Request for Application submissions will address computer programming and computer hardware support training.
Question from christina in new york city:
what kind of jobs are there?
Alphonso David said:
The jobs cover a wide range of positions in a variety of companies including health care, clean energy, advanced manufacturing and conservation with opportunities for career advancement. Further, Governor Cuomo launched a jobs website, referred to as Jobs Express at www.http://www.labor.ny.gov/jobs/regional.shtm, that contains on average more than 50,000 jobs state-wide. The site identifies jobs by region as well as industry. The Department of Labor also maintains one-stop job sites throughout the state where job seekers can visit and obtain information about jobs, resume building, interviewing skills and many other services.
Question from Tomasina:
is this including disabled youth? Will these monies be given to job programs who train disabled youth to work in the community?
Alphonso David said:
Yes. The program includes youth with disabilities, and job programs that train disabled youth to work. We strongly encourage organizations that run such programs to apply for funding.
Question from Gail in Wny:
My company is a staffing agency,most of our business is temp to perm, entry level employees hired by us are placed In Permanent employment, would we be eligible to apply as a certified business? One of the companies that we work with is also interested in this program, they have no tax liability because they are a start up business, are they able to "bank" the credits for the future, or sale the credits?
Alphonso David said:
The purpose of this program is to place youth in permanent jobs that offer opportunity for career advancement. As such, each business certification application is unique and must be thoughtfully assessed on a case by case basis. The certification process is designed to help make this determination with minimal burden on the business applicant. I encourage you to apply for certification. You can obtain more information about NY Youth Works here: http://www.labor.ny.gov/careerservices/youth-tax-credit.shtm
Question from Valerie in Rochester/Monroe County:
What is the best way for local agencies and businesses who are interested in partnering on this initiative to find each other?
Alphonso David said:
We strongly encourage local agencies and businesses to form partnerships for support economic growth in communities. Local agencies and businesses who are interested in partnering on this initiative should contact the Department of Labor at www.labor.ny.gov/youthworks or call 1-888-469-7365.
Question from Mary in Albany :
Children who attend high quality early care and education programs are more likely to graduate from high school and have a job. Investments in programs for young children build a better future, provide professional opportunities now and allow parents to work. Is there a place for early childhood support in NY Youth Works?
Alphonso David said:
Yes. Service providers who participate in the program can connect young parents with child care support those parents are eligible for. Governor Cuomo’s jobs package includes additional funding for child care. Specifically, the youth works program includes stipends valued at $300 per month for youth enrolled in training and for the first month of employment. The stipends should offset child care expenses.
Question from Rose in Broome:
Could the youths be placed in flood areas to work on recovery by the state? Like Fleischmann and other towns?
Alphonso David said:
Yes. The Governor secured $16 million dollars in federal funding to assist communities affected by Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee. The State continues to work with local communities affected by the floods to identify projects that will assist in the recovery and revitalization of those communities. Youth and adults can apply to participate in the recovery effort by contacting the Department of Labor at (212) 775-3371 or e-mailing [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]> . Further, youth can participate in this program, Youth Works, to obtain skills and jobs that will address both immediate and future employment needs.
Question from sarah in new york city:
I was wondering how NY Youth Works Program could help homeless LGBT youths looking for work to support themselves?
Alphonso David said:
The Youth Works program is specifically designed to assist “at risk” youth, which includes homeless LGBT youth. I strongly encourage homeless LGBT youth to apply for this program. To participate, youth must simply complete a short two-page certification, which you can find at http://www.labor.ny.gov/careerservices/youth-tax-credit.shtm or call 1-888-469-7365 for assistance in completing the certification or learning more about the program.
Alphonso David said:
Thank you for participating in this live web chat today. I hope this chat provided you with helpful information about the program. Further, I hope you either participate in this program and/or encourage businesses, youth or training/placement organizations to do so. If you have additional questions about the Youth Works program, please visit the website athttp://www.labor.ny.gov/careerservices/youth-tax-credit.shtm or call 1-888-469-7365. The website includes commonly asked questions and details on both youth and business certifications. If there’s one thing I want all of you to take home from this web chat, it is this: This program, which is designed to identify employment opportunities for youth and train them for the future, will benefit communities and businesses and can reverse the disturbing trend of high youth unemployment in this state.