North Country - Potsdam

North Country - Potsdam


Downtown Potsdam was selected as the winner of the $10 million Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI) award in the North County region.

The commercial core of the Village of Potsdam blends historic structures with 21st Century education offerings, serving as a hub for commerce, higher education, health care, and the arts. Over more than three decades, Potsdam has set the wheels in motion for transformational development by creating a strong sense of place, facilitating the development of downtown residential options, supporting both small businesses and large educational institutions, and enhancing waterfront parks, access, and recreational opportunities. Potsdam has now set its sights on charting a course that balances the preservation of historic and natural resources with economic development. The DRI award will advance its preservation efforts, prominence in the arts, streetscape and waterfront improvements, and support for traditional and new technology businesses to create a mixed-use downtown where nature and culture coexist.