Finger Lakes - Batavia

Finger Lakes - Batavia


Downtown Batavia was selected as the winner of the $10 million Downtown Revitalization Initiative in the Finger Lakes region.

Batavia’s downtown is a mixed use, affordable neighborhood with access to jobs, anchor businesses, and city and county services. The area has an excellent foundation upon which to continue its revitalization, including amenities such as recreational sites, healthcare facilities, food markets, library, and various retail and restaurant venues in a walkable environment. The city will capitalize on previous planning efforts to guide investment in the DRI area and focus on transformational projects. Through the Downtown Revitalization Initiative, the City of Batavia will accelerate the redevelopment of existing buildings, and create additional business and residential opportunities downtown. By investing in the entrepreneurial climate and downtown environmental qualities, and by encouraging ethnic diversity and active lifestyles, Batavia hopes to foster a creative class of workers who will spur continued job growth.

Batavia DRI Plan Award Booklet