Capital Region - Albany

Capital Region - Albany


The Clinton Square area of Albany was selected as the winner of the $10 million Downtown Revitalization Initiative in the Capital Region.

The City of Albany is focused on revitalizing Clinton Square to create a welcoming gateway into the capital city. This compact and walkable area, rich in history, arts and cultural assets, is where five city investment zones converge. The City envisions revitalizing Clinton Square directly while providing infill investments, corridor enhancements, and targeted housing revitalization projects. With DRI investment, residents, visitors, and the workforce will enjoy new links to the Hudson River. Clinton Square is poised to be a thriving gateway district and a distinctive hub that connects and catalyzes activity in Downtown and the Warehouse District, and draws this momentum into the Arbor Hill and Sheridan Hollow neighborhoods through public infrastructure enhancements, private project development and vibrant arts and entertainment investments.

Albany DRI Plan

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