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In almost every region of NY, a quarter of the land is used for agriculture. This means that farmers and food processors play a big role in the economy. Buy NY focuses on increasing the purchase of local agricultural produce and food products in government run institutions, but finding business opportunities with New York State can sometimes be challenging. Here are some resources to help guide you through the process. 

How to Sell
How to Sell

Finding business opportunities has a lot to do with understanding how NY government buys. These resources will help you learn more about the government buying process for NY state agencies and other government organizations. 

Find Out What Government is Buying
Find Out What Government is Buying

This initiative is about creating connections between farmers and government run organizations. It is important to understand what government wants to buy and here’s how

1. Get Daily Updates on What Government is Buying
All state agencies publish contracting opportunities on the New York State Contract Reporter for amounts of $50,000 or more.  Many other New York government entities including authorities, public benefit corporations, and local governments also post their bids. Sign up for email notifications and search through current opportunities at:

2. Get Certified
If you are a small business enterprise (SBE), a minority or women owned business (MWBE), or a service-disabled veteran-owned business (SDVOB) New York State offers certifications and resources just for you.

Are you a small business?
If you have 100 or less employees you are considered a small business under NYS law. Check out resources available to you through Empire State Development Division for Small Businesses and make sure to register to receive more information today.

Are you an MWBE?
As a minority or women-owned business there are many advantages to being certified with New York State. Empire State Development offers certification, training and other resources for you. Visit today for more information.

Are you an SDVOB?
Signed into law in May 2014, the Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business Act is designed to create more contracting opportunities for you. As a service-disabled veteran-owned business (SDVOB) you can get certified though the OGS Division of Service-Disabled Veteran’s Business Development. For more information visit or contact [email protected] today.

3. Become Part of the Buy NY Community
If you are a NY farmer or food producer who is interested in being a part of our Buy NY distribution list, please provide us with your contact information. 

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