Public Safety

Division of State Police

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Our Mission

To prevent crime and enforce the law:

  • To protect people and property.
  • To prevent and detect crime and other violations of law, pursue criminal investigations and arrest criminals.

To ensure highway safety:

  • To make our roads safe for all users.
  • To reduce the deaths, injuries and property damage caused by motor vehicle accidents through vehicle and traffic enforcement and education.

To render general assistance:

  • To render assistance to all in need and protect citizens and their property from harm.
  • To assist citizens in resolving problems in partnership with other service providers.

To promote peace and order:

  • To provide disorder control and security in all types of natural and man-made emergencies.
  • To provide for the safety and security of individuals and groups of citizens in furtherance of their rights, duties and responsibilities.

To provide high quality support:

  • To provide our members with the highest quality support services in an efficient manner.
  • To support others by creating partnerships for safety and security with individuals, groups and communities throughout the state.
Core Services
Core Services
  • Integrity: To live and work in accordance with high ethical standards.
  • Respect: To treat people fairly while safeguarding their rights.
  • Customer Service: To ensure that everyone we meet receives dedicated and conscientious service.
  • Continuous Improvement and Learning: To constantly improve ourselves and our organization.
  • Leadership: To inspire, influence and support others in our organization and communities.
Who We Serve
Who We Serve

General public looking for information about agency, state law, requesting records.

Contact Information
Contact Information

1220 Washington Avenue Building 22 Albany, NY 12226