The New York State Excelsior Conservation Corps

The New York State Excelsior Conservation Corps

Reimagining AmeriCorps Conservation for young adults in New York State

The Excelsior Conservation Corps AmeriCorps (ECC) will build upon the legacy of President Franklin Roosevelt’s Civilian Conservation Corps, providing 50 young men and women the opportunity to serve together as they restore, protect and enhance New York's natural resources and recreational opportunities that are the backbone of the state's outdoor experience.

The ECC will create the next generation of conservation leaders in New York State by empowering young people of all backgrounds through education, hands-on experience and training.

If you are interested in turning your passion for the environment into a career or exploring higher education opportunities in conservation, then the ECC is the right program for you.

Conservation Begins Here

Why Apply to the ECC?

Help the Environment
Tap into the spirit of community service and become actively involved in the protection and enhancement of NY's natural environment.
Earn Education Incentives
For 10 months, members live on the land, earn a small stipend for their work, and qualify for higher education scholarships.
Gain Future Employment Opportunities
Get hands-on experience and certifications that will help prepare you to enter into a career in conservation.

What We Do. How We Do It.

Our Mission

The New York State Excelsior Conservation Corps

Supported in part by the Environmental Protection Fund