January 9, 2017

2017 State of the State Proposals

TOP 2017 State of the State Proposals

1st Proposal: Making College Tuition-Free for New York’s Middle Class Families

2nd Proposal: Transforming JFK International Airport for the 21st Century

3rd Proposal: Making Child Care More Affordable for Middle Class Families

4th Proposal: Protecting New Yorkers from Cyber-Attacks

5th Proposal: Comprehensive Plan to Protect Seniors from Financial Exploitation and Foreclosure

6th Proposal: Banning Bad Actors from the Financial Services Industry for Egregious Conduct

7th Proposal: Further Strengthening New York's Efforts to Crack Down on Wage Theft

8th Proposal: Install Over 500 New Charging Stations to Promote Electric Vehicle Use

9th Proposal: Modernizing Voting in New York to Increase Participation in the Democratic System

10th Proposal: Closure of the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant by 2021

11th Proposal: Investing $650 Million to Fuel the Growth of a World-Class Life Sciences Cluster in New York 

12th Proposal: Launching the “New York Promise” Agenda to Advance Social Justice and Affirm New York’s Progressive Values

13th Proposal: Expand After-School Education to Children in High-Need Areas Across the State

14th Proposal: Lower Regional Greehouse Gas Initiative Cap by 30 Percent Between 2020 and 2030

15th Proposal: Regional Investments to Move New York City Forward

16th Proposal: $500 Million Buffalo Billion Phase II

17th Proposal: Invest $2 Billion in Clean Water Infrastructure and Water Quality Protection

18th Proposal: Enabling Access to Ridesharing Throughout New York State

19th Proposal: New $10 Million Photonics Venture Challenge in Rochester Will Help Strengthen the Innovation Economy

20th Proposal: Complete the Empire State Trail by 2020

21st Proposal: Build the Town of Woodbury Transit and Economic Development Hub

22nd Proposal: Extend the Empire State Excellence in Teaching Awards

23rd Proposal: Empower Voters to Reduce Property Taxes and Costs of Local Government

24th Proposal: $160 Million to Transform Long Island

25th Proposal: Nation's Largest Offshore Wind Energy Project Off Long Island Coast and Unprecedented Commitment to Develop up to 2.4 Gigawatts of Offshore Wind Power by 2030 

26th Proposal: Sweeping, Comprehensive Actions to Combat the Heroin and Opioid Epidemic in New York State

27th Proposal: "Buy American" Plan will Implement the Nation's Strongest State Procurement Laws Mandating the Preference of American Products

28th Proposal: Saab to Establish North American Headquarters for Defense and Security Division in New York State

29th Proposal: State Will Undertake New Independent Study to Carefully Study All Possible Options to Replace I-81 Viaduct in Central New York

30th Proposal: $45 Million Revitalization of Syracuse Hancock International Airport

31st Proposal: Foster the Industrial Hemp Industry in New York State

32nd Proposal: $38 Million Revitalization of Plattsburgh International Airport

33rd Proposal: Protect New Yorkers from Soaring Prescription Drug Prices through a Groundbreaking Three-Pronged Approach

34th Proposal: Launching the Empire Star Public Service Award to Recognize the Meaningful Contributions of Public Employees

35th Proposal: Restoring the Integrity and Accountability of State Government Through Comprehensive Ethics Reform

36th Proposal: Growing New York's 21st Century Workforce and Advancing the Tech Economy

37th Proposal: Encourage Recent College Graduates to Become First-Time Homeowners in Upstate Communities